195 Words | My Five Hopes

28 November 2020

Yeah Year.

The impact on the events industry was hard to comprehend.  But it didn’t turn out so bad and I’m grateful.

Grateful for those who kept in touch and instilled confidence.

Grateful to be in New Zealand where we can do what so many others cannot.  

Grateful that many businesses have continued to meet, plan, scheme, dream.  

Businesses gather people together for their own benefit.  That's awesome, but it goes further.  They truely benefit the lives of event managers and hundreds of others that support events - venues, caterers, transport, audio-visual, accommodation and more.

For businesses planning to gather somewhere in 2021, here are my 5 hopes:

Keep meeting.  Stay tight with those important to you.  

Create change.  With creativity and accuracy, your event will create organisational change and create change and hope in your event partners.

Consider the regions.  Gathering in smaller towns really makes a difference.  The locals will love you, and you’ll feel that.  

Leave behind.  Make a charitable donation.  Two clients did this recently and tears flowed (and not just mine).

Haggle on price – but only if you must.  Event managers with integrity will find fairness for all.

Meet. You. There.