In our HQ in Wellington, New Zealand you’ll find Greg, Carlene and Brendon (the owners and directors of OneNineFive) and a team of very talented individuals, who all share a love of travel, people, creativity and authentic experiences.


We’re a small team so when you work with us, you’ll be working with the people who live and breathe their business and who take the time to get things right and make sure you’re right there with us on the journey.

We pride ourselves on excellent communication and have a big focus on collaboration, keeping it real, and having fun along the way.

We like to use a four-stage approach with our clients:

The first thing we do at OneNineFive is sit down with you to understand your objectives and vision, and what the success would ‘look’ like.  This Establishment Phase is an important part of creating success and the best events and experiences always start with a great conversation.

Once we’ve talked, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of the Design Phase - a fully integrated approach - research, strategy, design, creative, engagement… whatever is needed to ensure we deliver great ideas to you.  Creative enough to surprise you, yet practical enough to give comfort. 

The Engagement Phase is where we put all the components together. Our hand-picked global supplier network ensure we secure the best and most suitable air, sea and ground arrangements, and we’ll work with you to ensure your health, safety and security is paramount from beginning to end. 

The Delivery Phase is where those on the event or experience share a moment in time they will never forget.  You’ll have (at a minimum) a dedicated Experience & Event Manager with you. Working with them – and subject to your end destination - will be a hand-picked OneNineFive team with an in-depth knowledge of your objectives, group management and what it means do give the best service.

Let's talk! 

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Director Greg Norris

OneNineFive was founded by Greg Norris of Wellington, New Zealand. Greg brings extensive experience in incentive & reward programmes, experiential events, meetings & conferences, team building and organisational development.

Greg’s reputation for his dedicated approach to developing people and organisational teams through highly creative team building, events and experiences is widely recognised. For Greg, understanding the objectives for any experience is number one. Once this is clear, his creativity, intuition and sense of fun and adventure kicks in and he'll work tirelessly to prepare and present ideas for exceeding your objectives.

Greg is a highly skilled and very experienced event manager. His passion for people and their personal development, understanding of the principles of organisational development, extensive group management and team building experience and his genuine love of travel has led to an impressive CV spanning over 15 years of creating and delivering corporate events and group experiences around the world.

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Director Carlene Staines

Carlene’s knowledge and expertise in travel, logistics and operations is world class.

Early in her career she was the owner-operator of the highly successful business ‘Adventure Travel’.  After selling this business, she then went on to work as a senior project and event manager in Wellington, New Zealand. 

It was during this time that Carlene managed many complex and sophisticated events, including a series of high-level Government delegations to countries including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Myanmar, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos and Singapore.   She also worked with the United Nations on a major project in the Pacific Islands involving 3000 delegates. 

Carlene has travelled extensively around the world and brings a caring and relationship-focused approach to OneNineFive, clients and suppliers.

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Brendon Fyfe-Gits

Director: Finance

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Luke Mikaire Crawford QSM

Cultural Advisor

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Malia Brock

Event & Travel Coordinator

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Mike Pennington

Graphic Designer

staff member richard

Richard Edge

Website and Digital

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Brianna Norris

Event Manager and Guide

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Matty Warmington


Jeremy Cox

Jeremy Cox

Event Consultant, Melbourne