Ecoya NZ & AUS | 2015

When Australasia's leading fragrance house Ecoya was planning their annual conference, they knew that they needed to engage their team in a style that was aligned with their core values.

Ecoya's vision blends luxury and all-natural. They believe in a world where fragrance turns moments into memories.

Our first task was to source a venue that celebrated the vision of Ecoya. We decided on Millbrook Resort, located in Queenstown, New Zealand. The venue was stunning, surrounded by beautiful mountains, botanicals and with gorgeous accommodation.

Working with the CEO, we shaped the programme for the 3 day event, ensuring the agenda achieved the business goals, as well as a social and team-building goals.

Business sessions in a beautiful meeting room with Ecoya scented candles and imagery provided a peaceful yet focused work space.

Social events included a private dinner party at a local restaurant that some of our friends run. A night of incredible food, rockin’ music, and a sharing of stories and friendships old and new.


Time had been put aside for a team building experience, which improved relationships, encouraged interaction and fun and brought to life key business messages. To achieve this goal, we designed and delivered a highly creative event called 'Story Book', where teams were tasked with creating a unique story and picture book that met specific requirements and was aligned with business direction and ethos.  Tonnes of fun, heaps of surprises and inspirational outcomes.   

“Thanks again for a fantastic week in Queenstown.  You are a credit to what you do professionally...more importantly you are both great, down to earth people!"
Claire Barnes, General Manager, Ecoya