Serving Up New York

‘Serving Up New York’ is a 5-day / 6-night travel experience to New York - a city full of creative, inspiring people who adore creating memorable travel experiences in the city they call home.


In Serving Up New York we want to serve you, and a group of like-minded travellers, a slice of this incredible city. 

"Exploring New York with Greg & Carlene and their New York friends was without a doubt, one of the best travel experiences of my life."
Ruth O'Keefe, New Zealand

Think extraordinary food and beverages, inspirational people, stunning venues, urban exploration and the surprise and edge of a OneNineFive event.

The itinerary for ‘Serving Up New York’ has been crafted with input from some of New York’s leading chefs, restaurateurs, event managers and other local experts.  It’s an all-star cast, all super committed to serving you up an epic New York experience. 

Along with the food, wine, people and travel experiences that form the itinerary, you will stay at the stunning award winning 5-star hotel, 1 Hotel Central Park, located just 200 meters from the iconic Central Park.  We checked it out, and we give it 195 stars!  

1 hotel cp

We aim to deliver a beautifully crafted travel experience that exceeds your expectations, and for that to happen there are limited numbers on Serving Up New York.

You can book a spot on our next scheduled trip (dates to be announced) or get a group together and let's discuss the ideal date for you.  

statue of liberty

Thinking of an incredible experience for your organisation?  

Serving Up New York is an excellent experience to incorporate into an Incentive & Reward programme, or as a way to celebrate a company or personal milestone.

We'd love to discuss this with you and talk through how an experience such as this can lift performance, build culture and make a real difference to your business.

So, whether it’s your first time to New York, or you are returning for more, we know that we’ll knock it out of the (Central) park!

Sound like you?