34° South

After a year of valuable experiences and insights both through our work with clients here in New Zealand and off-shore, and through our own personal and professional development experiences in Norway, USA, Morocco and Japan we've now started a specialist 'in-bound' division here at OneNineFive.

It's called 34° South.

34° South is committed to giving international visitors an extraordinary New Zealand Travel Experience.

It's super exciting, and a perfect compliment to our corporate incentive programmes, events and 'out-bound' work.

And as for the name?  

34° South is the latitude of Cape Reinga, which is symbolic of the top of New Zealand.  Head south of there, and you have our place of work and play.  A country full of amazing people and special places. 

Right now we are in the thick of planning Pure Pursuit - and having 34° South as the 'face' of this project gives us a massive opportunity to showcase our capability and New Zealand to an international group of 24 dynamic thought-leaders from the events and travel industry who through us, will take part a unique transformational journey here in March 2019.  

Check it out!