195 Words | Look a little further.

30 June 2020

I'm happy to say we have five confirmed corporate groups over the next few months, going to Queenstown (2), Rotorua (1), Wellington (1) and Fiordland (1). 

Didn’t think this would be the case a few weeks back.

I do adore Queenstown and I'm totally loving that we've been battling to secure rooms on certain dates and that the business events energy is increasing.

But me-o-my, Fiordland.

Just past Queenstown. Really, it's just past Queenstown. 

I seriously encourage you to look at Te Anau as a hub for an incredible group travel experience. The geography, people and opportunities down there are outstanding. 

Yep, it's a bit of a drive and it's "not Queenstown" – but now’s the time to push it along a bit, right? 

I'm lucky to have two brothers deeply involved in tourism there, and personally know some great chefs, heli pilots, skippers, boats, guides, accommodation and can get you access to a few other real nuggets. 

I can say with hand on heart, that by taking your group there you are supporting an area of NZ that needs some lovin', and won't let you down. 

Interested? Please get in touch.

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