LifeStyle Magazine, China / December 2016

Since its conception, OneNineFive has created and delivered unforgettable events and adventures around the world from its headquarters in New Zealand. With a philosophy of ‘Aligning People through Experiences’, their reputation for dedicated approach and extensive experience is widely recognized, and now they have been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2016 ICESAP and CEI Asia ICE Awards for Excellence. 

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In designing corporate meetings, incentive programs, conferences and other various events, OneNineFive looks beyond the brief to expertly craft experiences that result in successful relationship growth. “The key is making sure an event is both personally and professionally rewarding,” said Greg Norris, the founder and director of OneNineFive.

The company strives for the ‘I’m so glad I committed to being here’ moment when an individual feels that the time they invest in the event is worth it, whether it is for the skills they pick up, performances they never thought would complete, or a special something they witness that gives them new perspective and appreciation. 

Avoiding the cookie-cutter approach, this passionate team delivers a personalized magic that comes from combining people and place, by believing in authenticity and reaching out to their worldwide contacts in order to build a network that fits with the ethos of delivering the best. Norris added, “I once told someone that while we love the main street, the back streets always seem to have a bit more fun, surprise and authenticity. That’s our style.” 

In 2014, the company created ‘The Finest Cut – a slice of Melbourne Food, Wine & Hospitality’ for Gilmours – a leading New Zealand food and beverage wholesaler.

The outstanding incentive travel program is a bespoke, inspirational reward with strong professional development focus that was so successful that it was further developed and then delivered for the second time in early 2016, earning OneNineFive its position on the 2016 ICESAP and CEI Asia ICE Awards for Excellence.

Through clear and compelling communication, the company managed to engage the individuals and key suppliers in building a shared goal of providing solutions that educate and inspire long- lasting brand loyalty.

The four days program was based on four fulfilling experiences: education and master classes, networking and relationship building, culinary and hospitality experiences, and exploration. This creative event in Melbourne set the scene for a unique and relevant experience, reiterating OneNineFive’s founding principle of being ‘surprising, with edge’. 

OneNineFive also designs authentic and exclusive small group travel experiences for discerning Chinese travellers that include special interest excursions such as fishing and horse trekking in the amazing New Zealand. 

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